Oct 31

The Conservative Government’s Bill Repealing Bill 148

The Conservatives have introduced Bill 47, which would repeal many of the changes made by the Liberals to the Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Act in Bill 148, which led to the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act.

Bill 148 followed an extended period of consultation and a report prepared by a panel of two experts, one with a background representing employees and unions and one representing employers (who later was a judge).  That report was called The Changing Workplaces Review.  Obviously the new government rejects most of the analysis in that report.

Here is the Ford government’s summary of the changes Bill 47 will make.

Here is a summary of the changes prepared by a Toronto Star reporter.

Here is a summer of the changes prepared by a lawyer at the law firm Stringer which represents employers.

Here is review of the changes prepared by the law firm Goldblatt Partners, which represents unions and employees (including a nice clear summary of what Bill 47 does NOT change)


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