Apr 13

As of 9 a.m. on Saturday April 13, the final exam has been posted on the course Moodle site.

Mar 25

Hello, here is information about the final exam.  This post is also available on the course Moodle page, under Topic 2.  I will also create a tab for it up top of this blog so it’s easy to find.

The Process 

On Saturday April 13 at 9 a.m., the final exam for this course will be posted under Topic 2 on the course Moodle page.  You can go there now and see a place holder for it.

You will have 3 hours (until 12)  to type your answers into a Word document and then upload the document using the Add Assignment button at the bottom of the post.  For those who did the written assignment, the process is the same.


  • Before 9 a.m., create a word document and save it using this name:   YourSurnameExam   (so mine would be DooreyExam.doc).
  • Save your document regularly through the exam period so you do not lose material.
  • Do a final save when you are done and then upload your exam to the Moodle page.
  • Relax and breath because you are then done!

There is a 5 minute cushion at 12 p.m., but the website will not accept a document for upload after 12:05 p.m.   If for some unforeseen reason you are not able to get the document to upload, email it directly to me before 12:05 pm (ddoorey@yorku.ca).  Exams received after 12 p.m. will be deducted 10% per minute.  Think of it like this:  If we say pens down at 12 p.m. and you keep writing, we would not accept your exam.  You need to upload your assignment by 12:05 at the latest.  Do not wait until the very last second.  In the history of exams, no one has ever improved their overall grade by what they write in the last 2 minutes of 3 hour test.

Exam Format

The exam is cumulative, but heavy weighted on material post-midterm, which includes everything assigned after Chapter 13.  You cannot forget what you learned before the midterm because questions may ask you to draw on important points from earlier in the term.  Having said that, I would focus my studying on post mid-term material.

There will two short answer questions which have multiple parts and one “essay” type question that is general in nature that has no right or wrong answer and allows you to draw on materials from the course and show us what you learned.  There is no multiple choice.  Since the exam is open book and take home, the questions will not generally be “right of the textbook” type questions.  The questions will involve fact scenarios and ask you to explain how the law might deal with that scenario.  You might also be asked about themes in the course so that your answer could draw on material covering multiple chapters.


As always, read the chapters carefully along side listening to the lectures.  Then try to answer the questions at the back of each chapter.  There are also some sample questions on the website.  Don’t just memorize the material.  Think about what you are reading and how the material fits into the larger picture of the chapter and course.

That’s it for now.  You can email me questions.  I will post any questions I get and answers in a post on the course website.

Professor Doorey

Jan 2

Hello all,  if you are reading this, you are probably enrolled in HRM3420, Employment Law in the Winter term, 2019.  This is a Distance course, hosted on this website. 

Presentation of the Course

The course will be hosted on this blog.  Each Wednesday a new lecture will be posted here.  I have already posted the first two week’s lectures to get you started.  Find the lectures under the Lectures tab at the top of this blog. The lecture blog entries will include a summary of what is covered, notes, and a link to Camtasia audio/visual lecture that I have recorded an earlier live version of this class covering the material assigned for the week.

Note that I recorded lectures earlier this year but there were technical problems with some of them, so I am re-using recordings of lectures from a couple of years ago.  The materials, text, and readings are the same, so this is fine, but you will see that some of the classroom discussions relate to events from a couple of years ago.

There is a Moodle website for this course as well, but that is used only to post the final take home exam and for me to send emails to the class.  The course materials you will need are found on this blog. Please book mark it, familiarize yourself with its setup, and return regularly to check if there is any new material or announcements.

The outline, with the readings, is available under the Outline tab above.  You will need the password to access it, which will be emails to the class and also posted on the Course Moodle website. Check the email you gave the university as your preferred email, including in the junk folder.  If you are enrolled in the course and you do not receive that email, please contact me (ddoorey@yorku.ca) and I will check your enrolment status. Keep up.  If you fall behind you will have great difficulty catching up.

Class Preparation

This is not a textbook memorization course.  You need to do the readings, and then think about how to apply what your read to different scenarios.  You also need to think critically by understanding some key debates in employment law that we will discuss through the term, often in the lectures.  The Outline explains what to read.  It is a good idea to practice answering the questions at the end of the assigned chapters.

Questions and Comments

On this blog, there is a a link called Leave a Reply at the end of each blog post.  If you ask a question there, I will respond at some point during the week.  Comments need to be approved by me before it appears, so there will be a lag from the time you post the question to the time you see it and my answer on the blog.  You can also email me (ddoorey@yorku.ca) questions if you prefer.

Law of Work Website 

My main public law blog is called the Law of Work. That blog includes links to stories and discussions about work law and you can also link to this course blog by following the tab called Current Courses at the top.  The Law of Work will regularly post material and stories that are relevant to your course.

That’s it for now. Professor Doorey.

Mar 25

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Mar 25

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Mar 13


Here are the midterm test grades.  I have also emailed these and posted them on the Moodle page.


Mar 13

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Mar 13

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