The Exam has been Posted on Moodle


The final exam is now posted on the course Moodle page under Topic 2.

Final Exam Information


Just a final reminder that the exam is tomorrow night (July 5) and it will be posted on the class Moodle page.  The content of this Announcement can also be read under Announcements on the course Moodle site and the course blog.

Style of Questions

The only questions I received from students about the exam related to the format and type of questions to expect.  I explained the format of the exam in an earlier email/post.   In terms of the type of questions, keep in mind that this is an open book exam.  Therefore, the questions can not be of a sort that simply require you to regurgitate what the textbook says.  The questions will give you fact scenarios and ask you to apply the law you have learned to answer a question about those facts.  Expect that you will be asked to give legal advice based on those facts.  The test covers all assigned materials from Chapter 15 onwards. Keep in mind that some questions might ask you to consider both common law and regulatory law.  When you read the scenarios, identify what area of law (what part of the course) is relevant, and then focus in on that material.   Organize your notes so that you can find the relevant materials quickly.

Finally, make sure you constantly save your document throughout the exam period so you do not lose anything.  The exam is 2.5 hours long, which is more than enough time if you are organized.

Instructions on the Exam

The following instructions will appear at the beginning of the question page:


◦       Type your name and student number at the top of the Word document that will be your exam document.  

◦       Name your document using your last name (i.e.  LastnameExam)

◦       Save your document frequently. 

◦       Before the end of the time allowed (i.e. before 9:30 p.m.), save and upload the final version of your answer on the Moodle website by using the Add Submission link at the bottom of this post.  There will be a 5 minute grace period, but exams not submitted by 9:35 will not be graded and will be awarded a Zero grade.

◦       If for some reason you are unable to upload the document to Moodle by 9:30, please email me your document directly before 9:35 at

◦       Academic Honesty:  You can look at your notes and the textbook, but you must do this exam on your own, without the assistance of others.  By submitting an exam, you are claiming that you wrote the exam without assistance from another person and that you understand that failing to work alone constitutes a serious academic offence.  You cannot cut and paste other people’s writing in your answers, including writing found on the Internet.  If you cite anyone else, you must source that citation by clearly indicating the author and source.

That’s it, best of luck, Professor Doorey

Essays Due Today and Questions


Today (June 28) is the official end of term.  Those of you who missed the midterm should be submitting your essay today.

My recommendation for studying for the final exam is to carefully read the chapters, and listen to the lectures.  Then practice the questions at the back of the textbook chapters and then questions I have posted on the course website.   Please send me (by email: any questions you have about the materials by Tuesday and I will post all questions and answers on this course blog by Wednesday.

Given how hot it will be this weekend, its a good time to stay indoors in air conditioning sty


Final Lectures, Midterm Grades Have Been Posted


The final two lectures have been posted under the Lectures tab.

Also, I sent a broadcast email to the class attaching the midterm marks. Here they are again in case for some reason you did not receive that email.  The marks are posted as an average out of 100 and are listed by the last 5 digits of your student number.  By later this week (Friday to be safe), the midterms will be at the School of HRM office if you want to pick them up.  I do not have them back from the grader yet.

The average was 69%.   Over 30% of the grades were in the A range, which is quite high.

You have until July 3 to drop the course without a grade appearing on your transcript, according to the University’s Key Dates document.

Best, Professor Doorey

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Information About the Final Exam

Hello.  This post repeats what you will find on the Course Moodle page.  It provides information about the final exam, including a link that permits you to practice uploading a document so that there is no mystery as to what you will need to do on July 5.

Please email me if you have any questions.

* * *

Information About the Final Exam

The final exam will be posted on the course Moodle Page, under Topic 2, on Thursday July 5 at 7 p.m.  It will be 2.5 hours.

Please read the following information carefully  

Exam Format

The exam is cumulative (covers all of the course materials), but is heavily weighted on material covered after the midterm.  The midterm covered up and including Chapter 13, but not Chapter 15 (Constructive Dismissal) from Lecture 6.

The exam will include a mix of short answer questions like those on the midterm, plus a short essay question that will allow you to draw on a wide range of course materials.  There is no correct answer to the essay question, rather it will be an open ended question that permits you to discuss what you have learned in the course.  There are no multiple choice questions.

Academic Honesty

You must write this exam alone in a place where you will not be disturbed.  

If you do not have such a place, please let me know and you can write in person on campus.  If you write on campus, you cannot bring in electronics/computers, but you can bring in your note book and text.  You will write in hand like you did in the midterm.

Working with someone else is a serious violation of Academic Integrity. If we learn that students have worked together or that a student has received help from another person, they will receive a grade a zero on the exam and their file submitted to Academic Integrity for further discipline.  Keep in mind that the papers are graded together so suspiciously common answers will be investigated.

Process for Writing and Uploading Your Exam

The exam will appear under the Topic 2 on the course Moodle page at 7 p.m. on July 5.   Prior to the start of the exam, you should open a Word document on your computer and save it, using the following name:  YourLastNameEXAM.   For example, my document would be called:  DooreyEXAM.doc [you can also save it as a pdf file].   You will then type your answers, making sure to regularly save your document so you do not lose anything.

Before 9:30 p.m., you will save your final version and upload it to this Moodle page using the Add Submission button you will see below the exam.  I will give you a cushion of 5 minutes (until 9:35) to upload the document, after which time you will not be able to upload the document.  If for some reason you are not able to upload the document, you must email it to me [] before 9:35 p.m.    If an exam is not uploaded or emailed to me by 9:35, it will not be accepted.

You can practice uploading a document by following the link post entitled “Practice Uploading a Document” that you can find on the course Moodle page now under the Topic 1 post entitled “Information About the Final Exam”.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this process.  I have used this process many times in the past without any issues, so I do not expect problems.

Best, David

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