Apr 15

Welcome to MHRM 6700, Summer 2019

Hello everyone.  Welcome to MHRM 6700, Workplace Law,  Practice, and Policy.

This class explores the Three Regimes of Work Law: (1)  The Common Law;  (2)  Employment Regulation (Employment Standards and Human Rights); and (3)  Collective Bargaining Law.

The course objective is to familiarize you with key issues and policy debates that shape the law of the workplace.  You will learn key legal rules relevant to HR managers, and you will engage the key ‘big’ debates that shape all labour policy and the role of law in trying to influence employment conditions.  Thus, the course is a mix of practical law and theoretical and policy debate.

Course Blogs

This is the course blog, where all course related information will be posted.  You should also check out my main blog, Law of Work Blog, for stories that relate directly to the material that will be discussed in this course.  You can find the link to this course blog on my main blog, under the tab at the top called “Current Courses”.  You will need a password to access some of the MHRM6700 course blog.  I will give it to you via email.

The outline is posted above under the Outline tab. You need to enter the password, which I will send to you via email.  I understand that the textbook has been mailed out.

County Beer Company Case Study

We will do some exercises from the County Bay Beer Company case study that accompanies the text.  You can find the case study under the tab “County Beer” on top of this page. Please read and think about the assigned exercises ahead of the class.  In most instances, the ‘answers’ to the questions raised in the exercises are found in the readings you’ve been assigned for the week.  Make notes about how you would answer the questions so you are able to participate in a discussion in class.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the first assignment or anything else, and otherwise I will see you on May 10.   Cheers, David

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