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Protected: Lecture 5: Termination of Contract by Agreement and by Notice

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Protected: Lecture 3: Recruitment & Requirements of Employment Contracts

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Protected: Lecture 2: Law of Work Framework and “What is an Employee?”

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A Message from YU Experience Hub

Hello all, I was asked to send along the following information about internships to you.

Interested in gaining hands on professional paid work experience related to your field of study? Feel you need to strengthen your employability skills, and clarify your career goals? If yes, you may be interested in completing an Internship with York’s Internship Program!  The first step is to register for an upcoming Information Session to get the low down on what to expect and how to apply! We look forward to seeing you there, The Internship Team.

The Career Centre’s Fall Career Fair will take place on Tuesday, September 19th:

Also, get a seat at TASTE – Take a Student to Eat mentoring lunch:  and learn about Career Conversations Panels: (panel events will be posted soon).

Protected: Lecture One: Introduction to Employment Law

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Welcome to HRM3420 (Employment Law)

Hello all,  this website is for students enrolled in HRM3420, Employment Law  with Professor Doorey.  

This class will teach you how to think like an employment lawyer. It will give you a new appreciation of your rights (or lack thereof) as an employee and prepare you deal with legal problems you might meet as a representative of an employer in the future.  It will also challenge you to think about the broader social, economic, and political forces that shape the development of the law of work in Canada.  Finally, the course will help prepare you for the now mandatory legal jurisprudence test required for certification by the HRPA.

Keep up.  If you fall behind you will have great difficulty catching up.

The Course Blog

This course blog hosts much of the material you will need for this course, including the syllabus, links to lecture notes, supplemental readings, handouts, and other useful information. Please book mark it, familiarize yourself with its setup, and return regularly to check if there is any new material or announcements.

You will need a password to access most of the material on the blog.  That password will be sent to all registered students via email prior to the first class and given again in class on day one, so check the email you gave the university as your preferred email, including in the junk folder.

Class Preparation

This is not a textbook memorization course.  You need to do the readings, and then think about how to apply what your read to different scenarios.  You also need to learn think critically by understanding some key debates in employment law that we will discuss through the term, often in the lectures.  To do well, you should read the assigned readings before class and attend lecture and listen rather than surf your Facebook page.

The Outline explains what to read.  Please get busy.

The Midterm and Exam

The midterm will be in class, probably on October 25, though this will be conformed in class.  It will be a 2 hour closed book test.  The final exam will be held during the normal York exam period.  There is more on evaluation methods in the course syllabus.

Questions and Comments

On this blog, there is a a link called Leave a Reply at the end of each blog post.  If you ask a question there, I will respond at some point during the week.  Each comment needs to be approved by me before it appears, so there will be a lag from the time you post the question to the time you see it and my answer on the blog.  You can also email any concerns if you need to at my email address on the course outline.

Law of Work Website and App

I maintain a public blog called the  the Law of Work.  At that blog, you can also link to this course blog by following the tab called Current Courses at the top.  The Law of Work will regularly post material and stories that are relevant to your course.

That’s it for now.  See you in class.  Professor Doorey.