Handouts (2017)

Any secondary materials referenced in class will be posted here throughout the term. Some of them are just slides from the textbook that I put up on screen during the lecture.

Documents Referred to in Lecture One

1.  The Three Regimes of Work Law

2.  Box 1.2   Levels of Courts and Binding Precedent

Documents Referred to in Lecture Two

3.  Box 3.1 (p. 33):  Toronto Star article on Immigrant Workers in Toronto 

4.  Blank Law of Work Framework Form (p. 44, text)

5. Scorecard Approach to Assessing if a Worker is an Employee

6.  Employee versus Independent Contractor

Documents Referred to in Lecture Three and Four

7. Overview of Common Law Section of Course

8.   Sample Case Summary Form (including summary of Bhaudaria decision)

9.   Things You Need to Know Now, But We Will Learn More About Later

10.  Sources of Employment Contract Terms

11.   Sample Employment Contract (Part 1) and Part 2)

12.   Sample Restrictive Covenant Clauses

13.   Handout Explaining Importance of Notice of Termination Clauses.