Lectures (2017)

This page will include links to each week’s lecture post.

Week One:  Introduction to Employment Law

Week Two:  The Law of Work Framework and Employment Status

The Common Law Regime

Week Three:  Recruitment and Requirements of Employment Contracts

Week Four: Expressed, Ancillary, and Implied Contract Terms; Modification of Employment Contracts 

Week Five:  Termination of Contracts  by Agreement and by an Employer with “Reasonable Notice”

Week Six:   Summary Dismissal and Constructive Dismissal

Week Seven:    October 25     Midterm Test (In Class)

The Regulatory Regime

Week Eight (Nov. 1):  Quits (Common Law) and Employment Standards Regulation:   Wages and Hours of Work

Week Nine (Nov. 8):  Employment Standards Regulation: (Termination of Employment Contracts)

Week Ten (Nov. 15):  Human Rights Statutes: Introduction and ‘Discrimination” and Job Ads and Interviews

Week Eleven (Nov. 22):  Human Rights: The Prohibited Grounds of Discrimination and Defences)

Week Twelve (Nov. 29):  Human Rights:  Permissible Discrimination and Employer Defences

End of Lectures.  Final Exam has been scheduled for Tuesday December 19 at 9 a.m.   Do NOT book travel until after this date.