Midterm Format and Details

Overview of Midterm Format

The midterm will have 20 multiple choice questions (bring a pencil) worth 2 marks each, and 4 short answer questions worth either 10 or 15 marks for a total of 60 marks.  The test is 2 hours.  It is closed book.  It will be held in the normal classroom beginning at 2:40 and ending at 4:40 p.m.

The midterm covers materials up to an including Week 6 on your syllabus (but NOT Chapter 17 Quits).

Study by reading the materials closely, summarizing the key facts, issues, and legal decisions in the cases, and doing practice questions at the back of the chapters.  You can also look at more practice questions here.

I will provide you with this list of the names of all of the cases that we discussed and that appear in the Case Law Highlight boxes in the text.

Good luck, Professor Doorey




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