Midterm Grades

Hello all,

Below are the midterm grades by last 6 digits of your student number.  The mark is out of 100.   The grades range from mid 90’s to 20’s.  Over 25% of the grades are B+ or higher, which is relatively high, but there are also a lot of low grades.

I will distribute the midterms next class.  For those of you who did poorly, you may want to consider dropping the course before the Friday drop date.

There is an optional essay assignment posted under the Assignment tab above, which changes the weight of the midterm from 45% to 30%.   Because of the weighting, the essay option tends not to affect most student’s final grade more than a few percent up or down.  Keep that in mind when you are deciding whether to write the essay.

Lastly, there is no option to ignore your midterm mark altogether and write an essay instead, so please do not send me emails making that request.  You need to decide whether you are dropping the course based on the grade you have received.

Best, David

Here are the midterm test marks.




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